About us

Who are we?

We are God Bless Films and Entertainment Pvt ltd, your global production partner and your single point of contact for film productions need anywhere in India and Europe !

We pride ourselves on being the first point of contact when it comes to domestic and international shoots. Our clients can vouch that we offer the best services in the industry at the most competitive rates. Whether you’re arranging a shoot from out of town or heading overseas, your production can benefit from the 24/7 support of our global team.

At God Bless Films and Entertainment Pvt ltd, we live and breathe filming, and no job is too big or too small for us. We love sharing our local knowledge about film permits just as much as we love producing demanding multi-camera shoots or your next award-winning audio and video. We simplify, We organise, We delegate, We troubleshoot.

Why work with us?

We can present endless reasons why others choose God Bless Films and Entertainment Pvt ltd, but we hope you’ll experience the great service we offer by giving us a chance to work with you. However, summarising the comments we’ve heard from our clients over the years, we could mention the following:

  • We are global with unrivalled breadth and depth of local expertise! We know how to organise and simplify the most demanding multiple country shoots. Whether you want to film in India and Europe we can advise you in seconds on the best way to proceed.
  • We have the best film teams multiple countries.
  • At God Bless Films and Entertainment Pvt ltd, our team members aren’t simply jacks of all trades! We are experts in different sectors in film production. We never use the same team for a news doc and a TV commercial.
  • We offer the best solutions for your available budget. At God Bless Films and Entertainment Pvt ltd, we believe if the concept is good, then you don’t always need to spend a fortune to make your dream come true. As per your budget we explore the best possibilities and appoint the appropriate director, producer, crew or fixer to make it happen for you.
  • We can help you produce your next video or organise specific aspects of your production to your exact needs. We provide you with one main point of contact: an experienced producer to oversee all your international shoots. If you’re planning an international shoot and you work with God Bless Films and Entertainment Pvt ltd, you’ll immediately get one account manager as your main point of contact who can arrange everything on your behalf. That includes coordinating all the local teams and making sure you receive the same excellent standards of service. Of course, you’re also welcome to speak to our local teams directly if you prefer.
  • At God Bless Films and Entertainment Pvt ltd, we assist you at every step of the production process, from drafting initial concepts and treatments to delivering the final cut.

    We can assist with projects of all shapes and sizes:

  • Feature films
  • TVCs
  • Corporate Videos
  • Online Videos
  • TV Shoots
  • Destination/Hotel Videos
  • Music Videos
  • Documentaries
  • News Programmes
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